Welcome to INURSA / INEIA

INURSA, Infraestructuras y Urbanismo, S.A., founded in 1969, is a company devoted to civil engineering projects, technical assistance on construction sites, and the development and operation of service stations and industrial premises.

We also hold a share in the marinas in Palamos and Port Segur de Calafell, as we worked on these two projects as industrial consultants, and are on the board for each facility.

INURSA is a member of ASINCA (Catalan Association of Independent Consulting and Engineering Companies), TECNIBERIA and is represented in the EFCA and FIDIC. Our top representatives are members of the AEC, AIPCR and AETU.

We are known for projects that always seek out ingenious, simple, buildable and cost-effective solutions to any problem, resulting in a large number of projects that have already been completed.

IV Premio Internacional a la Innovación en Carreteras Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo
Expansion Palamos Marina

Maritime Works, Construction projects, Site managemen


Actions in each area

  • Background studies,
  • Blueprints,
  • Construction projects,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Planning,
  • Preliminary studies,
  • Route-Design Projects,
  • Site management,
  • Technical assistance

Technical resources

INURSA has 420 m2 of office space in our headquarters, with the cutting-edge equipment and innovative software necessary to carry out all types of civil-engineering work. We also have warehouses and offices for site management at the C-58 motorway, PK 2.800, and several vehicles for technical personnel.

Human resources

INURSA has an internal multidisciplinary team and regular external collaborators including engineers, architects, forestry engineers, lawyers, economists, public-works engineers, IT technicians, draughtspeople and support staff, who cover all areas of our projects (technical, legal, administrative, etc.)
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