The company owns two service stations located on either side of the C-58, at PK 2.8. Since 1975, the company has sold fuel, mainly as a CAMPSA distributor, and since 1992 as the flagship of BP OIL Spain, a relationship which is renewed every 5 years.

Fuel sales have evolved from 20 million liters in the first 15 years to peak at 28 million liters in the 90's, and in recent years have been at between 20 and 25 million liters.

From the year 2000, our service stations have also offered restaurant facilities, with bars managed by the company AREAS, SA. The stations also feature a car wash center and stores selling food products and vehicle assistance.

Permanent staff at the service areas ranges from 15 to 18 employees.

INURSA holds stock in and is on the Board of Directors for the Palamos and Segur de Calafell Marinas, having designed and supervised construction.

The Palamos Port Marina has a total fleet of 850 vessels and features one dock and an on-shore docking facility, nautical shops and restaurants. The Segur de Calafell Marina has a fleet of 525 boats, a 10,000-m2 public area and nautical shops, bars and restaurants.

Finally INURSA has also developed Sector K at the Can Cuyàs industrial park in Montcada i Reixac, and owns several warehouses that are leased out.

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